3Domino is Coming!

Introducing 3Domino: the classic board game, updated for the modern age - now with 100% more triangles! 

We are very excited to release our first game on the iOS store entitled "3Domino". As the name suggests 3Domino is a take on the classic board game of dominoes; our main goal has been to take the all-time classic puzzle game and create a title that is both entertaining and rewarding for today's mobile gamer.

3Domino sports an 'in your face' space theme and graphics style that transports the players into an exciting environment from the moment they press "play". The gameplay focuses on matching your tiles with those on the board, but unlike traditional dominoes the tiles have three sides!

Players will compete for control of the board, taking risks to set themselves up for Bonuses, while blocking their opponent from getting their own.

A large portion of the game's strategy comes from opportunity cost, as a player must choose to use their turn to make a defensive play, an offensive play, or to simply bolster their hand by drawing another tile.

3Domino features 4 different gameplay modes:

  • Solitaire: This is your very basic single player mode. Players can casually compete against themselves to achieve highscores, practice their strategy, or just waste some time. 
  • Online Multiplayer: Players are be able to connect and challenge their friends via GameCenter. Battle head to head for the highest score!
  • Pass-to-Play/Hotseat: Play alongside friends, simply pass the device to your friend when it is their turn. No peeking at their tiles! Up to 6 player slots.
  • vsAI: Play against three different difficulties of AI, or add the computer to your Pass-to-Play games to shake things up a bit! Up to 6 player slots.

All game modes, with the exception of Online Multiplayer, can be played with an adjustable tile value between 1 - 9. This significantly changes the speed and style in which the game is played by limiting the variation of tiles. 

Release Date: 2014.06.20
Price: FREE
Platform: iOS
Homepage: http://www.Artcastle.hk
Development Blog: http://artcastle.hk/index.php?id=4#c
SlideDB Profile: http://www.slidedb.com/games/3domino

3Domino: Tile Value, Speed, and Strategy!

3Domino's speed and difficulty can be changed significantly with a simple setting change!

Allowing players to set the highest possible value of the in-game tiles (between 0 - 9) for single player, AI, and Hotseat mode means that they can completely change the speed and strategy of their 3Domino games!

The first screenshot shows a pretty typical board when playing with only 0's and 1's - it is very easy to place tiles because there is little variance, but it is just as easy for your opponent to do so as well! 

The battle for Bonuses is an entirely different mind game the lower value the tiles are. The average points earned for a single tile placement drops but the points rewarded for Bonuses stays the same! 

The second screenshot shows a very different board, this time with the value set to the maximum of 9. 

The increase in overall tile value means there are simply less places to match your tiles. Players will be completely in the dark about their opponents hand -prompting risky plays out of some, and cautious plays out of others.

You will not only be competing for the coveted Bonuses but will be looking to place as many tiles as you can to earn even more points. Setting Bonuses up for yourself is one of the most fulfilling plays you can make, but you will be gambling on the fact that only your tiles can complete it! 

Players will need to be conscious of their hand of tiles in all modes of the game, because when the game ends your leftover tiles will be subtracted from your score! Tiles with higher values may earn more points, but they can also be your downfall if you fail to play them. 

TWR Card Reveal #2!

As the story progresses you'll be able to earn and use Robotic cards! Summon a legion of metal soldiers to fight for your cause! 'Upgrade' and 'Droid' are solid cards on their own, but holding on to 'Upgrade' makes playing 'Droid' a big deal. 'Slow Motion' is an obvious advantage for your ranged units, and even makes aiming 'Rocket Drop' easier too!

Re-wire is always a favorite, so long as the unit has less than 100HP you can take it over!

Summon 4 Batonbots.
While in hand, other cards that summon Batonbots summon Compliance Officers instead.

Summon two People Management Units and 2 Batonbots.

Rocket Drop
Fires a rocket in large area, plus three more each time it is played.

Slow Motion
Slows enemy units for 20 seconds.

Gain control of an enemy target with 100HP or less.

These are the Healing and Support cards, and depending on your card-draw luck you'll need to think about when you use them! 'Heal' and 'Hope Charm' are your first and most basic healing options - when what you really need is a big heal. Hope Charm has the added benefit of having multiple charges, but heals for a set amount.

Turn the Tide and Energize create follow-up options for the player. Energize removes the tight Power restrictions - meaning the size of your army is only limited by your held cards! Turn the Tide's effect is quite titular, dealing damage to the enemy while healing your wounded.

Fully heal all friendly units.

Hope Charm
Heal all friendly units 40HP per charge, 3 charges.

Turn the Tide
Deal 20DMG to enemies and restore 20HP to allies in a targeted area. Effect is then applied to to all units in play.

Heal all friendly units for 30HP, Power recharges faster until a non-summon card is played.

Can you handle Limited Mode?

The Trouble With Robots story can be played in 3 standard difficulties of Easy, Medium, and Hard. You might think you're a hotshot because you finally beat the game and all the challenge modes - but are you ready for Limited Mode? 

Once you've beaten the Trouble With Robots story you can either continue on with the Megamort Expansion, or replay the full game keeping all your collected cards in Limited Mode! 

Limited Mode cripples the player by locking half of their available cards, forcing them to build unusual decks and come up with new combinations to play! Each level locks and unlocks different cards to keep you from sticking to just a few strategies! 

You'll need to be creative to beat TWR on some of the hardest difficulties!

TWR Card Reveal #1!

Every card brings something different to the battlefield, your job is to find the ones that fit your personal strategy! 'Stampede' summons 3 Centaurs, but at the cost of discarding a card from your hand while 'Urban Bruisers' summons 2 trolls with only 10% of their health!

Will you take 'Defiant Guard', summoning two dwarfs and giving your army temporary invulnerability, using the timing to protect your army from heavy fire?

'Gather Support', summoning more peasants each time it is played, has incredible reinforcement potential but will it work with your deck's composition? 

The Area of Effect spells are great for damaging lots of units at once, but which units and how they are damaged is where you'll need to start experimenting!

Targeted spells like 'Fireball' and 'Boulder Crash' are much better for burst damage in a small area, swiftly dealing with high priority enemy units. Of course you open yourself up to killing friendly units if they stumble into your targeted area, so watch where you point that thing! 

Abilities like 'Lightning Strike' and 'Corrosion' apply to all enemies on the battlefield, and have higher overall damage, but at the cost of being unable to target specific units. 

Spend as much time as you want on your deck, part of the Trouble With Robots fun is experimenting with the many possibilities! 

Collecting them all won't be easy, are you up for the challenge?

The new cards are coming soon! We've taken the feel of the new in-game monster models and transferred it to the cards that call them into battle!

TWR Level Spotlight: A New Home

As the Anti-Robot Resistance gathers forces and makes their way to the Robots' doorstep we finally get to see what thy really have up their sleeve! From lasers to battering rams... let's just say you have your work cut out for you. 

You'll be introduced to tons of new Robots in their home levels, and you'll be able to summon a few of your own too! You will need to fight your way through the city, but it doesn't end there...

The Robots' City is as high-tech as their weapons, but they barely have time to fight with all the shopping they do!
The Battlebot steamrolls through enemies without a care in the world! You'll need a big axe to even make a dent in that guy.
Sometimes you need to fight metal with metal!

Earn Maximum Points in 3Domino with Bonuses!

Successfully placing tiles is the most reliable form of point accumulation in 3Domino, but not always the most effective! The best way to turn a losing game around (or to get a bigger lead) is with the help of Bonuses! 

Each Bonus rewards bonus points on top of the normal points you would normally receive! You can earn 5 different Bonus types: Line, Column, Bridge, Hexagon, and Combo Bonus. Each Bonus is rewarded to a player for completing the appropriate tile configuration with their turn, while the Combo Bonus is rewarded for executing multiple Bonuses in a single tile placement! 

Bonuses are part of the way we have balanced the importance of tile placements throughout the game. As the game progresses and tiles fill up the board more, and higher scoring, combos will become available. Opponents deep in a match of 3Domino will have to think strategically down to the last tile!

TWR Level Spotlight: Elf and Safety!

'Elf and Safety' is one of the introductory levels in Trouble With Robots, and will be your first glance into the magical, and oppressive, world. Join the villagers of Trollworth, along with their elven and centaur comrades, as they are forced to leave the safety of their forest home to battle their mechanical overlords!

When the Robots started making trouble in their neighborhood, the villagers opted out of moving in with their Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air.
These will be staple cards in your deck until you start unlocking the bigger and badder summons/spells!
The Ranger, and similar summons, are deceptive when played in the right decks. Although only a single unit is summoned, the buffs they bring along with them open up some destructive combos!

TWR Level Spotlight: Dwarf Fortress!

Trouble With Robots has over 19 primary levels, 6 challenge levels, and 8 level expansions - the completion of each level unlocks tons of rewards that will help you along your way.

The mountain-themed levels will be the first time we see the Troll summon in action, and start to use the dwarves in battle! As you progress through the game levels are unlocked you will earn 'Stars', the in-game currency, and new cards along with them!

The Trouble With Robots adventure takes you from the forest, surrounded by elves and centaurs, to the robot-ruled city as you fight alongside your magical companions for freedom - each level featuring unique art that captures the look and feel of the inhabitants as well as the world around them!

This level takes place atop a mountain riddled with dwarvish mines!
A sneak peek at 2 cards you will definitely find useful in the level above!
The Troll is one of the first big HP tanks you will be able to summon!

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3Domino has a name, and it is final!

We finally have a name! 3Domino is the final title of our strategy iOS game, previously known as Tridom, - a futuristic dominos with an emphasis on strategic combos, draw management, and over-the-top color!

3Domino will have four different playable modes:

Solitaire: This will be your very basic single player mode. Compete against yourself for highscores, practice your strategy, or just become familiar with the game. 

Online Multiplayer: Players will be able to connect and challenge their opponents via GameCenter. Battle head to head for the highest score!

Pass-to-Play: Play alongside friends, simply pass the device to your friend when it is their turn. No peeking at their tiles!

vsAI: Play against the computer, or add the computer to your Pass-to-Play games to shake things up a bit! Modify their difficulty and fill up to 6 player slots. 


You will also be able to keep track of your statistics (located in the Options Menu) to see what aspects of your game you need to improve on; or just to gloat about your strategic prowess!

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More TTWR Monsters get a facelift!

When you play certain cards this Storm Dragon rains lightning down on your foes! Definitely not someone you want to mess with, but having those claws in your deck may come in handy!
The 'Dropbot' is just a couple legs shy of being a spider - but you don't need arachnophobia for this guy to scare you! These robots live up to their name by dropping onto unsuspecting warriors during battle.

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Tridom takes the game of Dominos to the next level!

Tridom (now called 3Domino) is a new strategy title from Art Castle based on the classic game Dominos, but the tiles are shaped as triangles! Tridom retains many of the core elements of Dominos while introducing mechanics and graphics that streamline the game.

Outplay your opponent and earn bonus points with combos to climb the leaderboard, earn achievements, and get lost in the psychedelic world of Tridom! 

Test your strategic power as you play in Solitaire mode, against your friends in Online Multiplayer and Pass-to-Play, or against different levels of computer opponents!

Big plays! Big score!
Big plays! Big score!
A game in progress
A game in progress
Uh oh! Game over!
Uh oh! Game over!
Who will start the game?
Who will start the game?

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Here comes Trouble! New action card game!

Originally released on PC, The Trouble With Robots is currently in the process of being adapted for mobile devices - including a full re-design of in-game artwork!

The best way to describe TTWR is as a side-scrolling action/strategy card game - where you build your deck between levels, choosing between a wide variety of both spells and creature summons, in order to defeat hordes of troublesome robots! You can apply direct damage, buff your allies, weaken your foes, or come up with clever combinations of your own! 

All the in-game art is being redesigned by our incredibly talented artists, below is a sneak peak of all the new models and maps to come! Keep checking back for all Trouble With Robots and ArtCastle updates!

Fully re-drawn map!
Re-modeled Dwarf!
Re-modeled Robot!
Re-modeled Centaur!

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New Artcastle Page

The time has come to publish our new website.

On this site you will be able to read all the new and exiting news about our work. From time to time we will inform you about recent developments on our games and perhaps you can get a sneak peak into the coming games.

Visit us every now and then to stay up to date.