We’re playing next level dominos, boys!

3Domino is a new strategy title from Art Castle based on the classic game of Domino, but the tiles are triangles! 3Domino retains many of the core elements of Domino while introducing mechanics and graphics that streamline the game, and bring it into the modern age.

Outplay your opponent and earn bonus points with combos to climb the leaderboard, earn achievements, and get lost in the many dimensions of 3Domino! 


3Domino will feature 4 modes:

Solitaire: This will be your very basic single player mode. Compete against yourself for highscores, practice your strategy, or just become familiar with the game. 

Online Multiplayer: Players will be able to connect and challenge their opponents via GameCenter. Battle head to head for the highest score!

Pass-to-Play: Play alongside friends, simply pass the device to your friend when it is their turn. No peeking at their tiles!

vsAI: Play against the computer, or add the computer to your Pass-to-Play games to shake things up a bit! Modify their difficulty and fill up to 6 player slots.

Earn Maximum Points in 3Domino with Bonuses!

Successfully placing tiles is the most reliable form of point accumulation in 3Domino, but not always the most effective! The best way to turn a losing game around (or to get a bigger lead) is with the help of Bonuses! 

Each Bonus rewards bonus points on top of the normal points you would normally receive! You can earn 5 different Bonus types: Line, Column, Bridge, Hexagon, and Combo Bonus. Each Bonus is rewarded to a player for completing the appropriate tile configuration with their turn, while the Combo Bonus is rewarded for executing multiple Bonuses in a single tile placement! 

Bonuses are part of the way we have balanced the importance of tile placements throughout the game. As the game progresses and tiles fill up the board more, and higher scoring, combos will become available. Opponents deep in a match of 3Domino will have to think strategically down to the last tile!